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This is Just What I Saw

Katarina Hruskova and Sarah Mills develop new work exploring the legacy of the educator Marian Richardson.

Do Not Touch


Traversing geographies real and imagined, (re)composition explored the affective, material, physical and cultural dimensions of the interplay between music and place.


For & Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet

An exploration into the legacies and potentials of the pamphlet form.



Nicoline van Harskamp explored the proliferation of Englishes with the Discourse Analysis Research Group.

TalkAction 4, Cally Spooner, c. Julian Hughes


Exploring the "technologies" of conversation.

The Gold Ones 001_Reactor_Photo by Julian Hughes

A Weekend of Weird

Where does the real end and the unreal begin? Can we even distinguish one from the other?

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