Imogen Stidworthy

Imogen Stidworthy, TalkAction 6, c. Julian Hughes

(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)

Imogen Stidworthy, TalkAction 12, c. Julian Hughes

(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)

An Introduction to BLISS for Two Voices with Chorus

This performance was grounded in the BLISS writing system, often used with and by people who have severe communication difficulties. In particular, it drew on Tony O'Donnell's ongoing development of a grammatical system for BLISS. It used multichannel sound and mixing techniques to intervene in a live conversation between O'Donnell and Judith Langley, accompanied by chorus groups consisting of Loughborough University students. 

Imogen Stidworthy's (b.1963) work addresses language and communication using the voice as spatial, sonic and linguistic material. Her work has been shown in major exhibitions such as Documenta 12; Oktober Salon, Belgrade; Busan Biennale and The Bergen Assembly, a.o. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Reine Sophia, Madrid; Haus der Kunst der Welt, Berlin, Wurtemburgischer Kunstverrein, Stuttgart; DEPO Istanbul; Arnolfini, Bristol; Ikon, Birmingham; Bluecoat Liverpool.



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