Building Green

A series of commissions exploring ecological relationships.

Future Farmers, tour (22)

(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)

Nils Norman (2)

(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)

Rebecca Beinart, market (16)

(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)

Over the summer of 2010, Building Green saw three artists develop new work that explored and catalysed ecological relationships. Thinking through and enacting entanglements between human and non-human nature, they opened out to consider public space, food production and land use, making clear that ecological concerns are also deeply social. 

The programme has a particularly strong afterlife. Futurefarmer's commission lead to the establishment of a garden/vegetable plot which is still used by the University's Landscaping and Gardening Society. The artist's commissions were accompanied by a lively series of public events, workshops and discussions and from these the University's Sustainability team established a long-lasting relationship with Anne-Marie Culhane, who established the popular Fruit Routes project on campus; whilst Georgina Barney was commissioned to work on Green Days, a European Partnership initiative, which involved workshops, walks and discussion in Italy, Belgium, Romania and the UK.


Rebecca Beinart

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Nils Norman

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