Matthew Darbyshire


Matthew Darbyshire developed a new exhibition that actively engaged with Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery's collection through the prism of Tadeusz Kantor, who was interested in the role and status of the object. This ran from the 28th Jan-14th May 2017, and saw Matthew reimagine twelve objects, including 20th century studio pottery, modernist sculpture and a grenade. By playing with scale and devising new materials and techniques, including experimenting with different concrete formulas, he created a series of new works exclusively for the Castle.

A complimentary guide accompanied the exhibition, featuring information on Matthew’s object choices, and a critical essay by Emily LaBarge. This can be read on the link below.


The Object is Alive

Considering museum collections via Tadeusz Kantor. Read more


The Object is Alive: Exhibition Guide

Exhibition Guide & Essay Read more