Ami Clarke


(Photo credit: Still from Pandemonium introductory video (c) Ami Clarke)

Pandemonium (working title)

On Pandemonium: an essay by Ami Clarke outlining the concerns at the heart of this project can be read here. A video work which will form part of the final artwork is also available for viewing along with the essay (until Mon 10th May). 

Pandemonium continues Ami Clarke's exploration within the new behaviours emerging from the complexities, multi-temporalities and scales that coalesce around some new and some very old power relations that come of, and are revealed by, the interdependent ecologies of social media, finance, and the environment. 

Exploring these issues in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the twitter bot @trackntracer is deployed as a research assistant, taking the temperature of public debate on social media relating to the test, track and trace NHS COVID-19 app (which, in actuality, is run by private companies, not the NHS). The analysis will contribute to an online dashboard drawing together key factors in determining how the management of risk plays out within the ever-increasing neoliberal paradigm of financialisation/privatisation, in both the short-term of the pandemic, and the longer-term of ongoing environmental concerns.

The work will be further developed during Clarke’s ‘Beyond Matter’ residency at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in May 2021. During the residency she will be developing a live apparatus in VR that reveals something of the complex interdependencies between the unprecedented surveillance of track and trace, designed to manage risk, via modulating the flow of bodies within a viral environment, and how the accompanying data analysis informs the state and other players, as well as the markets. Questions relating to whether the current coronavirus pandemic is part of an increasing dynamic in animal-to-human virus transmissions have already revealed many underlying threads, not least xenophobic tendencies that have come to the fore fast.

Drawing on her earlier work Low Animal Spirits (the title of which epitomizes the era of the Great Depression) and recent phenomenon, whereby, due to the absence of humans, a cornucopia of animals returns to the cityscape, Clarke will explore how emergent properties within a VR environment (and their failure) might reveal something of the data analytics influencing them, as a critique of the new dynamics of post-pandemic power.

Ami Clarke is an artist, writer, and educator focusing on algorithmic governance and performative modes of production from a transfeminist post-human position - thinking through the complexities of the subject emerging in synthesis with their environment from a critical intersectional position. She utilises various digital media, often distributed, with aspects of live programming, sometimes in combination with video/sound and spoken word performance. Her work is conceptually framed in ways that means critique is articulated through its production, drawing out the new (old) behaviours emerging from human engagement with technology through performative modes. She has recently exhibited or performed at Seventeen Gallery, London; arebyte Gallery, London; The Tetley, Leeds; ODD Catalyst, Bucharest; LUX/Chelsea Space, London; Furtherfield, London; and Filodrammatica, Rijeka. Publications include the book Ami Clarke: Author of the Blank Swan and chapters in ‘Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain’ and ‘Information’, part of the Whitechapel Documents of Contemporary Art series. Ami is the founder of Banner Repeater and the Digital Archive of Artists Publishing (DAAP) and teaches Fine Art at Central Saint Martins MFA.


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