Ami Clarke

Holding Error-Correction

(Photo credit: Still image from performance of Error-Correction + Low Animal Spirits. (c) Ami Clarke)

Error Correction + Low Animal Spirits

Exploring the forms of agency, power and speculation at play in our contemporary media landscape, for Risk Related Ami Clarke is developing new iterations of her ongoing works ‘Error-Correction: An Introduction to Future Diagrams’ and ‘Low Animal Spirits’. Combining video, spoken word and computer script, they position risk not simply as an undesirable outcome of contemporary media, but as integral to its form. Drawing on commentary, news items and anecdotal evidence to speculate on what is about to trend, they perform the volatility of language in the meme economy, rejecting the idea that media is produced and consumed by a stable subject. 

For this new iteration, Clarke is drawing on research into media reporting of the 2019 General Electionby Professors David Deacon and Dominic Wring from the Department of Communication and Media; and on the communicative and relational aspects of Covid-19. 


Risk Related

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Project Partners

Professor Dominic Wring

Professor of Political Communication
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Professor David Deacon

Professor of Communication and Media Analysis
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