Rachel Pimm


Working with biochemistry, living chemistry and biomimicry, Rachel Pimm explored what makes something ‘alive’; conducting a series of chemical experiments involving the organic simulating the inorganic, and organic/inorganic hybrids. This was grounded in and contributed to her ongoing research in 'Origin of Life studies', which she expanded on through her Materials Conversation with the science writer and novelist Daisy Hildyard.

Rachel Pimm (b. Harare, 1984, lives in London) works in sculpture, video and performance to explore environments and their materialities, histories and politics often from the point of view of non-human agents such as plants, minerals, worms, water, gravity or rubber. She is interested in the potential of surfaces and matter to transform. Her work has been included in recent programmes including Hales Gallery, Jerwood Space, ANDOR, Tenderpixel and Chisenhale Gallery, The Royal Academy and Serpentine Gallery (all London 2014-2019) as well as internationally in Europe and the USA. She has an MFA from Goldsmiths and lectures in Fine Art at Camberwell College and Arts University Bournemouth.


Residency: Department of Materials

Artists Phoebe Collings-James, Richard Paul and Rachel Pimm undertake research in the University's Department of Materials. Read more


Materials Conversations: Rachel Pimm & Daisy Hildyard

Wed 20 March 2019

1pm - 2pm

Rachel Pimm discusses her work on 'life' with the novelist and historian of science Daisy Hildyard. Read more