Lottie Child

Lottie Child (1)

Loughborough Street Training

For Lottie Child, our ability to negotiate the multiplicity of forces at play in city streets by making (and refraining from) spontaneous urban interventions may be the most effective personalised combination of artistic and political expression we possess. Through Street Training - a programme she has developed in streets across the world - she explores and encourages this expression by "training ourselves to develop new behaviour and actions in response to the street." This might include thinking, wandering, jumping, climbing or penetrating. 

Lottie Child is the founder of Street Training  an international network of people actively shaping their environments and behaviours with safety and joy. Lottie also lectures at the University of the Arts London, her research topics are in the field of situation based practice that engages with information exchange and explores the hierarchies, rituals and taboos of the streets through a combination or performance, audience participation and publications. 


Roam: A Weekend of Walking

Roam involved six projects which used walking as a method to explore Loughborough afresh. Read more


Visual Studies: Street Training in Loughborough

As part of our Roam project, Lottie Child set participants a variety of physical and mental tasks to do across Loughborough. She later documented the project in this short article in the journal Visual Studies. Read more