A Weekend of Weird

Where does the real end and the unreal begin? Can we even distinguish one from the other?

Day is Done_Mike Kelley_Photo by Julian Hughes

(Photo credit: Mike Kelley, photo by Julian Hughes)

SMALL_Phantasmagoregasm 001_Tai Shani_Phot by Julian Hughes

(Photo credit: Tai Shani, photo by Julian Hughes)

SMALL_The Gold Ones 002_Reactor_Photo by Julian Hughes

(Photo credit: Reactor, photo by Julian Hughes)

Who Can Seperate Us Now_Ben Judd_Photo by Julian Hughes

(Photo credit: Ben Judd, photo by Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Joey Holder, photo by Julian Hughes)

Over the course of a weekend in November 2016, Radar joined forces with Drs Nick Freeman and Dan Watt from the School of Arts, English and Drama to organise a symposium exploring and enacting 'the weird'. Through performance, panels, films and installation it devled into the strange, uncanny, irrational and inexplicable; calling into question everyday environments and perceptions, and making our world seem far more disturbing and bizarre than it might ordinarily be understood. Details of Radar's new commissions can be found at the bottom of the page, whilst the full programme of talks, film-screenings and performances is embedded below.


Ben Judd

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Tai Shani

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Project Partners

Dr Nick Freeman

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