On Time

During 2020/21 Radar will be commissioning and showcasing artistic work exploring time, and related concepts, in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Studies' year-long focus on the topic.


(Photo credit: Broken Clock Photograph by Piotrus, distributed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license)

On Time consists of two new commissions from Radar in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Studies' Time theme for the academic year 2020/21. 

Time is often understood as a neutral backdrop for events. Consistent, steady, reliable: it is the marker of history’s turbulence, the measure of work, and a fundamental building block of our society. While that which time makes possible—change, hope, fear, possibility, futurity and risk—are anything but knowable, the properties of time itself seem self-evident.

Yet behind time’s seemingly obvious nature lies mystery, disagreement and struggle. Philosophers ask whether time exists outside our experience of it. Physicists argue over its relationship to space. Revolutionaries shoot the clocks and instigate new calendars. Artists make it a fundamental medium of their work rather than the unstated background to it. Time is anything but a given.

The two works we've commissioned estrange us from time's background status by forcing us to pay attention to it. Alison Ballard and Martin Lewis' An Hour, an online event which took place in November 2020, consisted of performers attempting to count minutes for an hour. The second project, which we're delivering in partnership with Eastside Projects' Extra-Ordinary People, is now underway, but relies on initial secrecy for its success: more information will be added shortly!


Paula Morison

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Alison Ballard & Martin Lewis

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Project Partners

Institute of Advanced Studies Time Programme

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Extra Ordinary People

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An Hour

Fri 27 November - Fri 27 November - 2020

12:45pm - 14:15pm

A durational online performance. Join us as a participant or audience member. Read more