An interrogation of photography's role in articulations of gender, identity, place and citizenship.

Mitra Tabrizian (3)

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

Jean Brundrit (8)

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

Sarah Ciurysek (4)

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

Nina Mangalanayagam (6)

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

Home/Land developed from discussions with Loughborough University’s Marsha Meskimmon and Marion Arnold, who were both part of 'The Lens of Empowerment', an international network of academics researching ways in which photographies, in the widest sense, play an important role in the articulation of gender, identity, place and citizenship.

Jean Brundrit and Sarah Ciurysek were both members of The Lens of Empowerment and were commissioned along with artists Nina Mangalanayagam and Mitra Tabrizian to develop a  new series of lens-based works. During the summer of 2012 some of the artists took up residency at the University to work on the project, where they also participated in Home/Land: Women, Citizenship and Photographies: a conference organised by Marsha and Marion. Liverpool University Press subsequently published a book of essays and photographic contributions featuring contributions from this conference.

Whilst the artists’ practices were rooted in photography, a number of them used the commission as an opportunity to work within different media, creating four distinct, site specific pieces; each a personal interpretation and understanding of place, identity and landscape.


Mitra Tabrizian

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