Jenny Hogarth and Kim Coleman

Jenny Hogarth & Kim Coleman (2)

Getting Down to a Nice Expression

Inspired by the use of eye-tracking technology developed at Loughborough University for studying the attention of the gaze, Jenny Hogarth and Kim Coleman created a video installation that used a lecture as source material. Combining pre-recorded footage of a recent lecture with eye tracking data captured from both the students’ and lecturer’s perspectives, the work re-focused attention on the dramatic, sensory and performative elements of the lecture scenario. Through this, they sought to unravel the relationship between lecturer and student, the presentation and the technology; scrutinizing the dynamics of lectures in an exploration of performativity and theatricality.

Working in collaboration since 2003, Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth place emphasis on the participatory and performative aspects of art practice.  Through a process of creative discussion, making and friendship, their work is often characterised by both a staged and spectacular quality, creating tension between the spontaneous and the premeditated.  


This is not a Performance or a Lecture!

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