Gendered Re-Presentations of Disability

Two new commissions interrogating gendered representations of para-athletes.

A bus shelter in front of a high-rise block of flats, with an advert for Channel 4's Paralympic coverage. In bold black type on a yellow background it reds 'It's Rude Not to Stare', along with the Channel 4 logo. The bus stop sign contains the traditional

(Photo credit: Laura Purseglove)

Radar has commissioned artists Sophie Hoyle and Christopher Samuel to make new work as part of 'Gendered re-presentations of disability: Equality, empowerment and marginalisation in Paralympic media', an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project led by Emma Pullen, Lecturer in Sport Management in Loughborough University's School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

The project uses an intersectional approach to interrogate the dominance of particular kinds of disabled bodies (white, physically athletic, technologically enhanced) in Paralympic media cultures; and seeks to generate new insights into re-representations of gendered, raced and queer disabled subjectivities. 

Hoyle and Samuel's practices explore and call into being politicized modes of disabled subjectivity as they intersect with processes of racialization, class, queerness and gender. Their works for this project will be shown at an event at Loughborough University London in late summer 2022, alongside the launch of the project's summary report.


Producer: Laura Purseglove (Radar)
Production assistance: David Bell (Radar), Sam West (Loughborough University School of Design & Creative Arts) 
Academic partners: Emma Pullen and Laura Mora (Loughborough University School of Sports, Exercise and Health Science)



Sophie Hoyle

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Christopher Samuel

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Disability, Empowerment and Paralympic Media: The Politics of Representation

Thu 10 March - Thu 10 March - 2022

18:30pm - 20:00pm

A discussion event bringing together artists and academic researchers to discuss the contested politics of Paralympic representation. Read more