(Photo credit: Alison Lloyd)


(Photo credit: Alison Lloyd)


(Photo credit: Alison Lloyd)


(Photo credit: Alison Lloyd)


(Photo credit: Alison Lloyd)

Disturbing Space

Disturbing Space was a radio station and sound system on a custom bicycle developed by sound artist XANA. The bicycle, “Soon Reach”, was produced in response to a series of build-your-own radio workshops in Loughborough with community arts organisation Charnwood Arts; and conversations with Dr James Esson around themes of sonic connection, displacement and the construction of free spaces for the manifestation of joy. It draws on the power of pirate and local radio to connect people through songs, lullabies, rhymes and tales about movement, and to elevate voices on the periphery. “Soon Reach” was pedalled through Loughborough on 16th June 2018, with passers-by stopping to chat, enjoying the tunes, and sharing their own experiences with music, movement and radio.

XANA is a live loop musician, sound designer, composer and poet who often works collaboratively with other artists, researchers, theatre practitioners and filmmakers.XANA is passionate about working with young people, devising creative workshops, encouraging the engagement of others with music, and broadcast technology. XANA is an organiser of Afrotech Festival; a recipient of Spitalfields Music Open Call funding award; and an artist in residence at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. XANA's interests include archives as places of active memory and future building; sound in architecture; data and its impact on local communities, and stories around transhumanism.



Traversing geographies real and imagined, (re)composition explored the affective, material, physical and cultural dimensions of the interplay between music and place. Read more

Project Partners

Dr James Esson

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University
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Music, Movement, Power: Blackness and Sonic Resistance

Thu 19 April 2018

18:00pm - 20:00pm

This event will explore the relationships between blackness, music, and the (in)ability to move. Read more