Firing the Generator

Social architects STEALTH.unlimited were keen to use their Market Town commission to join in an involved and unique process of consultation surrounding one of Loughborough's most iconic buildings, known as 'The Generator', a former workshop of Loughborough Technical College (one of the institutions that led to the creation of Loughborough University). Their Firing the Generator project formed part of ongoing efforts to turn the space into a new cultural, creative and entrepreneurial hub. Through a series of interactive and participatory stages, they tested the building's possible future forms and functions. An open weekend in September 2016 gave the public the chance to glimpse the possibility of such a venture.

For more information about the repurposing of The Generator building, see The Generator Website.

STEALTH.unlimited is the practice of Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen. Although initially trained as architects, their work is equally based in the context of contemporary art and culture. Through intensive collaboration with individuals, organisations and institutions, STEALTH connect urban research, visual arts, spatial interventions and cultural activism to mobilise a collective making of the city.


Market Town

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