Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan (24)
Tim Brennan (9)
Tim Brennan (35)
Tim Brennan (23)

Luddite Manoeuvre

Tim Brennan's guided walk retraced the route taken by the town's Luddites on an infamous evening in June 1816. The route dropped into a number of pubs in which the Luddites drank prior to their notorious night of machine wrecking. Using a broad range of quotations, which revisited or undermined historical facts, Brennan encouraged fellow walkers to take a new approach to historic events. 

Tim Brennan has gained critical acclaim for his 'manoeuvres' (tactical walks), which he describes as 'existing in a region between traditions of performance art, the historical tour, loco-descriptive poetry, pilgrimage, expanded notions of sculpture, curating and plain old pedestrianism'. 


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