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(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)

Market Lectures/University Market

Following a significant period of research Something & Son developed a project which playfully tested out ways of both physically and mentally bringing the town and University closer together by inviting Loughborough University academics to give 'Market Lectures' lectures in the town's Market Place, and for the market to be relocated to the University campus to trade for a special 'University Market'.

To facilitate this, they created a structure to be used within both a market and lecture scenario. The design is based on a retractable lecture bleachers that when opened can either become a small lecture theatre or, by using the underneath void, a covered market stall. The structure can then be added to with additional chairs to provide a lecture format or more stalls to provide a market. 

Something & Son is a London based practice founded by Andrew Merritt and Paul Smyth in 2010. Their work reflects their varied backgrounds and shared passion in art, social systems, the environment and engineering, leading them to produce popular, provocative and witty work that tackles social and environmental challenges of our time. A keenness to collaborate has led them to work alongside and amongst others; swift experts, mushroom men, scrapyard merchants, farmers, scientists, horticulturalists, sound engineers, manicurists and sociologists… As often as possible they look to build projects with a legacy by producing business models to help ensure a lasting future. Through their work as Something & Son they set up a farm in a shop, new systems of mass customisation, built an experimental community spa and with Makerversity created London’s largest Makerspace.


Market Town

A programme of commissions and critical debate focusing on the regeneration of Loughborough town centre. Read more