Pamphlet Day

Sat 27 May 2017, 10am - 3pm at Queen's Park, Loughborough


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)


(Photo credit: Julian Hughes)

This day-long event took place across Loughborough, with sites including Charnwood Museum, Loughborough Library, Queen's Park and the town’s Market Place. It involved live performative elements by artists commissioned by Radar and a ‘market’ of stalls, at many of which public participation in the making of new pamphlets, zines and protest paraphernalia was encouraged. Rory Pilgrim ran a workshop exploring his and Reba Maybury's commissioned pamphlet, Patrick Goddard's sound installation exploring yesterday's tomorrows played in the bandstand, whilst Ferenc Gróf distributed 20,000 camouflaged five pound notes.


Rory Pilgrim & Reba Maybury

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Ferenc Gróf

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Patrick Goddard

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