For & Against Symposium

Fri 26 May 2017, 10am - 5pm

Phil Wilson D4571-02

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

Phil Wilson D4571-31

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

Phil Wilson D4571-14

(Photo credit: Phil Wilson)

A day of presentatiosn, performances and rants exploring the ongoing legacies of the pamphlet as a politico-aesthetic form. Artist-taxi-driver Mark McGowan provided a keynote presentation and was followed by offerings from Ruth Beale, Tim Brennan, Dean Brannagan, Shirley Cameron, Ben Campkin, Chiara Dellerba, Andrea Gibson, Joanne Lee, radical rethink, Rebecca Ross, Miffy Ryan, Evelyn Silver, Jane Tormey, Mo White, Gillian Whiteley and Andrew Wilson. The day was filmed by This Is Tomorrow, and can be viewed below.


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