A (Highly) Partial Field Guide to British Canals

A (Highly) Partial Field Guide to British Canals: Introducing some processes and beings is a glossary of terms produced by Heather Anne Swanson and Sonia Levy to accompany TBA21-Academy's online screening of their film Creatures of the Lines, commissioned by Radar, online screening on st_age commissioned by TBA21–Academy. Creatures of the Lines (2021).

The work can be downloaded here (.pdf), or viewed below.

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Sonia Levy

Creatures of the Lines Read more

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Creatures of the Lines: Screening and Discussion

Tue 12 April

6pm - 8pm

Nottingham Contemporary present a screening of Creatures of the Lines, plus artist Sonia Levy in conversation with Heather Swanson and Filipa Rampos. Read more