Materials Conversations: Phoebe Collings-James and Rebecca Bellantoni

Wed 13 March 2019, 1pm - 2pm at Cope Auditorium, Loughborough University

During March, the artist Phoebe Collings-James is undertaking a residency in Loughborough University's Department of Materials, researching methods for achieving controlled material decay. Exploring violence, control and embodiment, Collings-James will enact a series of material experiments intended to disrupt boundaries between the subject and the object, reclaiming agency and resistance in the position of the objectified ‘other’.

For this event, Collings-James will be in conversation with the artist Rebecca Bellatoni. A London-born artist of Caribbean descent, Bellantoni considers the notion of ‘the real’ through a lens of spirituality and its aesthetics. Bellantoni’s practice includes video, textile, performance, installation and writing.

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