Co-Lab Workshop: Sophie Huckfield

Thu 23 January 2020, 11am - 4pm at Fine Art Gallery, School of Creative Arts

heartbeat-credit Sophie Huckfield Lucy Hutchinson

(Photo credit: Heartbeat by Sophie Huckfield. Picture: Lucy Hutchinson)

Co-Lab is an annual series of artist-led workshops, organised in collaboration with LU Arts and free to all Loughborough University Students. Taking place across one week each January, workshops are designed to cross disciplinary and methodological boundaries, introducing participants to artistic methods that can be used to address contemporary social, political and technological concerns. 

Applying a transdisciplinary approach participants will spend the day composing a production inspired by the fictions employed by science and technology industries. Using story building, role play, co-design and physical making participants will explore how these fictions are produced and can be hacked to form new narratives. Together we will think about how we can produce narratives collectively to resist the status quo

The workshop seeks to challenge the dominate viewpoint which positions technology as the dominant tool to combat complex social and political issues, whilst ignoring structural inequalities and the  environmental impacts technology can reproduce and reinforce.


Please click here to book (Loughborough University students only). A £3 deposit is required, refunded to those who attend the workshop. No prior experience or specialist knowledge is required.

Sophie Huckfield is  a multidisciplinary artist based between London and Grand Union in Birmingham. She has a cross-disciplinary research based practice, collaborating with a range of organisations and individuals to meditate upon the way we think about the world shaped by the tools and technologies at our disposal. She employs traditional and experimental modes of production to create sculpture, craft, performance, workshops, moving image, photography and writing. Previously, she was the first female Engineering Technician for the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham, and has worked in the creative industries from aerospace to animation.