Over the years a number of extended or in-depth pieces of writing have been produced alongside, as part of, or in response to Radar projects. This page will be used to showcase some of these. This might include journal articles about Radar commissions, reviews, Radar publications, interviews with artists about Radar projects, video documentation or transcripts from some of our events.

Isobel Brann and Anna-Rose Wain

Bodies at Play: A Report

A report on 'Bodies at Play', an event exploring the material cultures and politics of play through film and conversation.

Wrestling and Embodied Knowledge: Reflections on a Workshop

Dr Claire Warden reflects on Joe Moran and Cara Noir's workshop exploring wrestling's relationship to embodied knowledge.

‘This is just what I saw’: sight, sound and spaces of art education

Dr Sarah Mills explores how her research interests relate to This is Just What I Saw, her Radar commissioned collaboration with the artist Katarina Hruskova.

Foreword from Market Town Publication

Matt Weston's Foreword from our Market Town publication.

The Identity Facade

An essay by Europa and Peter Nencini to accompany their Market Town commission, 'ough'ough.

Late Night Bar/Europa by Will Bradley

An accompanying text to Marianne Heier's 'Late Night Bar/Europa', part of 2013's Questions of Value programme.

Review: 'This is not a Performance or a Lecture!'

Morgan Quaintance's Art Monthly review of This is Not a Performance or a Lecture.

Visual Studies: Walking, the Western and the Tumbleweed

Claire Blundell Jones outlines her Tumbleweed project for the journal Visual Studies.

Visual Studies: Street Training in Loughborough

As part of our Roam project, Lottie Child set participants a variety of physical and mental tasks to do across Loughborough. She later documented the project in this short article in the journal Visual Studies.


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