Extra Ordinary People: Opportunity

Radar and Eastside Projects are delighted to announce a small-scale commissioning opportunity for members of Extra Ordinary People, Eastside Projects’ Associate membership scheme.

We are looking for an EOP member to produce work in response to Loughborough University’s Institute of Advanced Studies’ (IAS) year-long programme on Time. This should take the form of a work which addresses time (or a related concern), as its subject matter and/or as its medium. 

In order to connect to research at Loughborough University, the proposed work should relate to or be produced in response to one or both of:

  1. One of the final three ‘Time’ workshops hosted by the IAS
  2. The research interests of any current Loughborough University researcher that encompass time or a related concept

As the latter is difficult to determine in advance we would encourage potential applicants interested in pursuing this route to email David Bell, Radar Producer, with an outline of their interests, focus and/or approach, by Friday 13th November (d.m.bell@lboro.ac.uk). 

We are especially keen to receive applications from Black artists and artists of colour. We aspire to principles of anti-racism and are committed to doing all we can to ensure a safe and welcoming space for Black artists and artists of colour throughout the commissioning and production process. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to discuss this in advance, please email Amelia Hawk, EOP & Public Programmer, Eastside Projects (amelia@eastsideprojects.org); and David Bell, Radar Producer (d.m.bell@lboro.ac.uk).

More information and guidance is provided below.


We are offering £2,000 fee and production for this commission. At least £1,150 of this must constitute your fee (5 days @ £230 a day), leaving a maximum of £850 for production costs. You may wish to take additional preparation time (@ £28.75 ph) with an equivalent reduction in production costs. 

EOP and Radar will assist with the production, marketing and interpretation of the work, and provide support throughout the process as required by the artist. Radar will facilitate the relationship with any academic collaborators.

One return trip to Loughborough University or Loughborough University London for a site visit and meeting with project partners (and subsistence costs for this trip) will be covered in addition to the £2,000. Additional transport/subsistence costs should be factored into the production budget.


We will follow national, local and institutional guidance relating to COVID-19, and will not ask the commissioned artist to do any work they feel uncomfortable doing. If the originally proposed project becomes untenable as a result of COVID-19 issues we will discuss alternatives with the commissioned artist. There is no obligation to outline these alternatives in your proposal. 


You may wish to apply for further funding. Radar and EOP will assist with this and so far as is reasonable will provide support-in-kind for any additionally funded activity. You may wish to indicate you will apply for further funding in your application, but you should include details of what you are proposing should such applications be unsuccessful.

There may be scope to develop the project further should all parties agree to this, but it should not be assumed that this will be the case from the off.



Application writing is unpaid labour and we want to keep this process to a minimum. As such, we are asking for the following, and no more:

  1. Around 150 words about your practice
  2. Around 150 words on your initial idea
  3. A proposed timeline
  4. A weblink to your work/profile
  5. Two images, or links to videos/soundworks
  6. An indication of how you will split the £2,000 among the following categories:
    Fee (NB: must be at least £1,150, as above)
    Production costs

    Travel/subsistence (in addition to that provided: see above)
    These do not need to be fully costed or broken down further.
  7. An email address and phone number

Please send the above details as a single PDF file by Friday November 27th to submissions@eastsideprojects.org. The email should be titled ‘EOP/Radar Time Proposal’ and no information essential to the application should be included in the email text itself. Your submission may also be presented as video or audio, rather than in written form – both combined should be no more than 5 minutes long. Please add a link into your PDF if choosing this option.

Applications will be considered shortly after the deadline. We may contact applicants with some brief supplementary questions prior to making our decision. 

We look forward to reading your applications.

David Bell, Radar Producer (Maternity Cover)

Amelia Hawk, EOP & Public Programmer, Eastside Projects


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